Buying & Selling Your RV

Everybody wants to save money and everybody wants to tell their friends how much they saved when negotiating with their RV.

MISTAKES to avoid when shopping for an RV:

1. Buying before doing proper research.

2. Buying the wrong RV for your needs.

3. Paying too much. Remember 80% typically pay too much.

4. Buying at an RV show because you believe the prices are at their lowest price.


5. Buying an RV without ever having traveled in one.

6. Buying before doing a “mock live in.”

7. Buying a used RV with hidden damage.

8. Buying an RV from a supermarket parking lot or campground.

9. Buying an RV with no money down and stretching the payments out too long. Don’t buy based solely on an affordable monthly payment — you are asking for trouble if you do!

10. Do Not Buy an RV without securing a “RV Survey” first

Important Step to Follow When Shopping for an RV

Here is a simple list that anyone can follow to help them decide which RV type and floor plan is right for them.

1. After selecting a particular model or two spend some time online researching your options regarding price, upgrades, financing options and RV insurance rates.

2. If you have never traveled in an RV you may want to consider renting an RV first. I recommend this to my friends and those considering an RV for the first time.

3. Ebay Motors, RV Trader, is an excellent web site for you to consider, especially if you’re looking to purchase a pre-owned unit.

4. Visit some RV forums where you can ask questions about a particular model and learn what others have to say.

5. Attend RV shows in your area. Most are held in the spring and fall.

6. Don’t be pushed into making a decision. A pushy salesperson is typically more interested in making a large commission and not looking out for your interests.

7. Last but not least be sure to secure an RV appraisal that reveals wholesale pricing. This is probably your biggest weapon when negotiating with any RV dealer. By having invoice or wholesale pricing you’re guaranteed not to spend too much. The first thing you need to know is that the ONLINE valuation guides for RVs are usually much higher than the values in the dealer’s copy of the NADA guide. In other words, what YOU think your RV is worth is probably much, much higher that what the DEALER will actually allow for it.

This is the same for the automotive, boat or RV industries. The dealer MUST take trade-ins at or below wholesale to ever hope to eventually make a reasonable profit. He must allow for interest payments on his used inventory, commissions to sales people, overhead, and much more.

Choosing the right RV the first time will save you thousands of dollars. Many RV buyers select the wrong type of RV. Don’t let this happen to you.

Tips for Selling your Used RV:

Below are some helpful selling tips that could bring you TOP DOLLAR for your RV:

1. Clean it up! Most buyers will quickly assume the worst if your RV is not clean. The unit should be empty and clean and everything should appear to be in good working order.

2. Have current registration and inspection. Nobody likes to go all over town to get that done after they just dropped a bunch of money on your rig.

3. Get a private inspection (RV Survey) to show your good faith. Make necessary repairs, and have the report ready for the buyer. Big ticket items are negotiable, but most everyone can handle a few scratches in the front bumper when the rest of it proves out.

4. Have books, manuals and receipts ready for the buyer to look through and suggest that they do so.

5. Talk with some banks and lending sources. Have a good idea what type of financing options the buyer will have based on the age and value of your rig.

6. Know what your bottom dollar is. If the buyer has to wait for your decision, he’s probably “cooled” off some.

7. Talk about how much fun you had in it, but KNOW WHEN TO STOP.

8. If you have the opportunity, have everything running and ready for showing when

the prospect gets there.

9. Change all fluids and filters.

10. Accessorize a little and make it look “homey”.

At RV Consultants we do hope the above information has been helpful, we want both the Seller and Buyer to succeed in their venture’s.

We Help both seller and buyer to make this a pleasant transaction.

Bottom Line, We Take the Guess Work out of the “Sale or Purchase” for both Partys.