My wife and I entered into the RV Lifestyle while living in San Diego CA in early 1970, look great, realized we did not know anything of our needs with a family of 4 and a Saint Bernard. We had friends who had just entered into the RV business, Dilday Recreation Center, later to become La Mesa RV, It was a new 18’ long, Pace Arrow, 318 dodge, we could get out of town, but always had to limp back, late at night and dark, many miles of driving in the dark. They were new, no one really knew what was going on, so quick answer, lets look for a new one, we were hooked on this type of lifestyle. So we now move up to a 22’ Commander, what a difference, a real shower, freezer, etc. Now when we go to the Boat Races, my wife and daughter have there own restroom, and I had a shower, room for people to come in and relax. We sold our business and moved to San Juan Capistrano CA. looking for a job, I knew I liked RV’s, so I entered into the Manufacture side of the business, with Skyline in Hemet CA, for several years, Great training ground, later to become the Sales manager for Revcon/Apollo, moved onto a new company called HMC, became Sales & Marketing VP.1987 became the first RV Mfg to enter into the Diesel Pusher industry for my full line of product, also the first front door unit, and the rest is history. Then the offer came in the retail side from Sunset Motors to be there new GM in Seattle WA. I took there offer. Have also worked for Barth Motorcoach, Chinook, and worked in Oregon at Country Coach, Dream job, where I spent many years as Sales Mgr, Marketing, Dealer Development,Product Development, Customer relations. Leaving in 2002, left Oregon in 2005 back to sunny California.

Fat Socks MotorSports began in 1986, buy and selling front window covers to members of the owners club of Hawkins Motor Coach , looking for a better way to help RV owners with specialty needs, and so our business got it start.

We ventured into the RV alarm systems, it was good, but not great. At that time the electrial equiptment was not of today standards and was very challenging to say the least. Also got involved with a company called Ampel Power, they had a lot of the answers for the electrical problems the RV industry was having back in the early 90’s.

In 2002 we started building motorcycle trailers in Junction OR. Today we build them in Desert Hot Springs Ca, we also offer a RV Concierge Service, for folks that have questions, need personal attention, specialty products, Parts for the RV, Internet sales service, buying an RV service, Detail service, Mobil service & Repair.

To Many times in this RV world, the question is ask, “where can I get this or who does this service or repair” our main goal is “Customer Satisfaction” before the Sale and After the Sale.